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menoci: Lightweight Extensible Web Portal enabling FAIR Data Management for Biomedical Research Projects

  title={menoci: Lightweight Extensible Web Portal enabling FAIR Data Management for Biomedical Research Projects},
  author={Markus Suhr and C. Lehmann and C. Bauer and Theresa Bender and Cornelius Knopp and Luca Freckmann and Bj{\"o}rn {\"O}st Hansen and Christian Henke and Georg Aschenbrandt and Lea K{\"u}hlborn and Sophia Rheinl{\"a}nder and Linus Weber and Bartlomiej Marzec and Marcel Hellkamp and Philipp Wieder and H. Kusch and U. Sax and S. Y. Nussbeck},
Background: Biomedical research projects deal with data management requirements from multiple sources like funding agencies’ guidelines, publisher policies, discipline best practices, and their own users’ needs. We describe functional and quality requirements based on many years of experience implementing data management for the CRC 1002 and CRC 1190. A fully equipped data management software should improve documentation of experiments and materials, enable data storage and sharing according to… Expand


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