mda-7/IL-24: multifunctional cancer-specific apoptosis-inducing cytokine.

  title={mda-7/IL-24: multifunctional cancer-specific apoptosis-inducing cytokine.},
  author={Pankaj Gupta and Zao-zhong Su and Irina V. Lebedeva and Devanand Sarkar and Moira Sauane and Luni Emdad and Michael A. Bachelor and Steven Grant and David T. Curiel and Paul Dent and Paul B Fisher},
  journal={Pharmacology & therapeutics},
  volume={111 3},
"Differentiation therapy" provides a unique and potentially effective, less toxic treatment paradigm for cancer. Moreover, combining "differentiation therapy" with molecular approaches presents an unparalleled opportunity to identify and clone genes mediating cancer growth control, differentiation, senescence, and programmed cell death (apoptosis). Subtraction hybridization applied to human melanoma cells induced to terminally differentiate by treatment with fibroblast interferon (IFN-beta… CONTINUE READING


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