mdRNA-Seq analysis of marine microbial communities from the northern Red Sea

  title={mdRNA-Seq analysis of marine microbial communities from the northern Red Sea},
  author={Shengwei Hou and Ulrike Pfreundt and Dan R. Miller and Ilana Berman-Frank and Wolfgang R. Hess},
  booktitle={Scientific reports},
Metatranscriptomic differential RNA-Seq (mdRNA-Seq) identifies the suite of active transcriptional start sites at single-nucleotide resolution through enrichment of primary transcript 5' ends. Here we analyzed the microbial community at 45 m depth at Station A in the northern Gulf of Aqaba, Red Sea, during 500 m deep mixing in February 2012 using mdRNA-Seq and a parallel classical RNA-Seq approach. We identified promoters active in situ for five different pico-planktonic genera (the SAR11 clade… CONTINUE READING

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