mTORC1 directly phosphorylates and regulates human MAF1.

  title={mTORC1 directly phosphorylates and regulates human MAF1.},
  author={Annemieke A Michels and Aaron M Robitaille and Diane Buczynski-Ruchonnet and Wassim Hodroj and Jaime H. Reina and Michael N. Hall and Nouria Hernandez},
  journal={Molecular and cellular biology},
  volume={30 15},
mTORC1 is a central regulator of growth in response to nutrient availability, but few direct targets have been identified. RNA polymerase (pol) III produces a number of essential RNA molecules involved in protein synthesis, RNA maturation, and other processes. Its activity is highly regulated, and deregulation can lead to cell transformation. The human phosphoprotein MAF1 becomes dephosphorylated and represses pol III transcription after various stresses, but neither the significance of the… CONTINUE READING


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