mRNA profiling for the identification of blood--results of a collaborative EDNAP exercise.

  title={mRNA profiling for the identification of blood--results of a collaborative EDNAP exercise.},
  author={Cordula Haas and Erin Hanson and Walter B{\"a}r and Regine Banemann and Ana Margarida Bento and Andrea Berti and Edson Borges and Caroline Bouakaze and {\'A}ngel Carracedo and M{\'o}nica Carvalho and Adam Choma and Martina Doetsch and M Duriancikov{\'a} and Per Hoff-Olsen and Carsten Hohoff and Peter M. Johansen and P. Alexander Lindenbergh and Brigitte Loddenk{\"o}tter and Bertrand Ludes and Olalla Maro{\~n}as and Niels Morling and Harald Niederst{\"a}tter and Walther Parson and Gnyaneshwari Patel and C{\'e}line Popielarz and Elena Salata and Peter M Schneider and Titia Sijen and Barbara Svie{\vz}en{\'a} and L{\'i}via Zatkal{\'i}kov{\'a} and Jack Ballantyne},
  journal={Forensic science international. Genetics},
  volume={5 1},
A collaborative exercise on mRNA profiling for the identification of blood was organized by the European DNA Profiling Group (EDNAP). Seven blood samples and one blood dilution series were analyzed by the participating laboratories for the reportedly blood-specific markers HBB, SPTB and PBGD, using different kits, chemistries and instrumentation. The results demonstrate that HBB is expressed abundantly in blood, SPTB moderately and PBGD significantly less. All but one of the 16 participating… CONTINUE READING

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