mRNA(nucleoside-2'-)-methyltransferase from vaccinia virus. Characteristics and substrate specificity.

  title={mRNA(nucleoside-2'-)-methyltransferase from vaccinia virus. Characteristics and substrate specificity.},
  author={Earnest Barbosa and Bernard Moss},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={253 21},
An mRNA(nucleoside-2'-)-methyltransferase purified from vaccinia virus was shown to methylate the penultimate nucleoside of RNA ending in m7G(5')pppN-. By contrast, RNAs ending in pN-, ppN-, or even G(5')pppN- are not methyl acceptors. This specificity indicates that 2'-O-methylation is the final step in the formation of the m7G(5')pppNm- cap structure. Both adenosine and guanosine are methylated, in accordance with the presence of these nucleosides in the penultimate position of vaccinia virus… CONTINUE READING
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