[light and Electron Microscopy of Cellular Elements in Statocysts of Terrestrial Pulmonary Snail Helix Lucorum].


Statocysts H. Lucorum appear to be the paired formations having a spherical form and locating on dorsolateral surface of pedal ganglia of subesophageal ganglionic complex. Using the method of reconstruction, as well as the method of scanning electron microscopy on paraffin and semithin slices it has been revealed that the epithelial lining of H. Lucorum appears to be a spatially ordered complex, consisting of 13 cell assemblies. in each of them one sensory cell is surrounded by the satellite cells. The sensory cell has a star shape on the front pole of statocyst because of many protoplasmic processes branching off from its body. The other 12 cells have polygonal shape and form three belts around the inside perimeter of statocyst: interior, middle or equatorial and posterior. There are 4 cells in each belt. The sensory cells forming anterior and posterior belts turned out to be displaced in relation to the cells of equatorial belt and for this reason the whole cell structure resembles a brickwork. The distribution of sensory cells on the inner surfce of statocyst creates the structural polarization of this formtion. First of all, this is evidenced by the presence of the sensory cell on the anterior pole of statocyst and by the absence of those on opposite, posterior pole. The topography of each sensory cell on the inner surface of statocyst, the sizes and shapes of the nuclei, the quantity of nucleoli, the peculiarities of cytoplasm vacuolation and interrelation of sensory and supporting cells have been established.

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