killing rage: Ending Racism

  title={killing rage: Ending Racism},
  author={Bell Hooks},
A collection of essays addressing race and racism in American society from a black and feminist standpoint. Most of the pieces here are new, but some of her most important essays from the author's past 20 years of social engagement have been included as well. The subjects covered in the book include: the psychological trauma of racism, anti-Semitism, friendship between black and white women, and the internalized racism of the media. 
Placing Jewish Women into THE INTERSECTIONALITY OF Race , Classano Gender
This paper places Jewish women into the feminist and sociological conversation of identity, oppression, and the intersectionality of "gender, race, and class." More specifically, it reveals the
Resisting whiteness' rhetorical silence
This essay explores the rhetorical dimensions of whiteness in public political discourse from an ideological perspective. It analyzes a debate between Carolyn Moseley Braun and Jesse Helms over a
The Politics of Rage
Through narratives, we reclaim an emotion often regarded as negative, and examine how anger serves as a means of social and personal transformation, serving as a way to heal from oppression and
Black “Manhood” as Xenophobe An Ontological Exploration of the Hegelian Dialectic
Often the history of our struggle as Black people is made synonymous with the efforts of Black males to have patriarchal power and privilege.... Until Black people redefine in a nonsexist
Dangerous Territory: Racist Moments in the Psychoanalytic Space
  • D. Shah
  • Psychology
    The Psychoanalytic quarterly
  • 2020
Racism and racist fantasies are inherent to being human yet have had profound traumatic effects on an individual and collective scale. Lurking in the shadows, racist images, fantasies, and attitudes
The Media as a System of Racialization
Historically, the media perpetuate ideas about race and ethnicity that place African American women at a clear disadvantage. Beginning with the welfare queen image during the Reagan administration
Let Them Howl: The Operation of Imperial Subjectivity and the Politics of Race in One Feminist Organization
This paper explores how the historical imperial legacy in which mainstream white feminism is rooted has had a detrimental impact in grassroots feminist organizations. The analysis is based on
Womanism and Black Feminism in the Work of Carrie
This article examines the liberatory aspects of Womanism and Black Feminism in the work of artist Carrie Mae Weems. Weems, artist and anthropologist, creates artwork that highlights the issues of
Womanism and Afrocentricity: Understanding the intersection
ABSTRACT Drawing connections between womanism and Afrocentric themes, this discussion accentuates praxes intrinsic to Black women. Critical Race Black Feminist theory theoretically links constructs
Trans-racial Mothering : Double-Edged Privilege
Abstract In this essay, the white adoptive mother of two bi-racial children reflects upon her thirty year experience of parenting to make several philosophical claims. She argues that through the