kappa-Conotoxin PVIIA is a peptide inhibiting the shaker K+ channel.

  title={kappa-Conotoxin PVIIA is a peptide inhibiting the shaker K+ channel.},
  author={Kyu J Shon and Martin Stocker and Heinrich Terlau and Walter Stuehmer and Richard B. Jacobsen and Craig G. Walker and Michelle Grilley and Maren Watkins and David R. Hillyard and William R. Gray and Baldomero M Olivera},
  journal={The Journal of biological chemistry},
  volume={273 1},
kappa-Conotoxin PVIIA (kappa-PVIIA), a 27-amino acid toxin from Conus purpurascens venom that inhibits the Shaker potassium channel, was chemically synthesized in a biologically active form. The disulfide connectivity of the peptide was determined. kappa-Conotoxin PVIIA has the following structure. This is the first Conus peptide known to target K+ channels. [structure: see text] Although the Shaker K+ channel is sensitive to kappa-PVIIA, the rat brain Kv1.1 subtype is resistant. Chimeras… CONTINUE READING
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