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interferon-free Treatment with Faldaprevir, Deleobuvir (bi 207127) and Ribavirin in Sound-c3: 95% Svr12 in Hcv-gt1b : 1102

  title={interferon-free Treatment with Faldaprevir, Deleobuvir (bi 207127) and Ribavirin in Sound-c3: 95\% Svr12 in Hcv-gt1b : 1102},
  author={Jean-François Dufour and Mar{\'i}a Buti and Vincent Soriano and Robert J. Buynak and Parvez Mantry and Jawahar Taunk and Jerry O. Stern and Richard Vinisko and J. Gallivan and W. O. Boecher and Federico J Mensa and Stefan Zeuzem},

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Advances in and the future of treatments for hepatitis C
The authors are now at the beginning of an era where combinations of direct-acting antiviral agents may pave the way for interferon-free regimens, even improving the viral clearance rate to near 100%. Expand
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Perspectivas futuras del tratamiento de la hepatitis C, ¿sin interferón y sin ribavirina?
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Safety of direct-acting antivirals in the treatment of chronic hepatitis C
This review addresses the early identification and management of AEs to improve tolerance, and to avoid reduction in SVR rates with the next generation of antivirals. Expand
The role of interferon in the new era of hepatitis C treatments
The role Interferon will play in the next era of HCV treatment will depend upon balancing cost, efficacy and the development of an interferon with a more favorable adverse event profile. Expand
Treatment options in patients with decompensated cirrhosis, pre- and post-transplantation.
In the transplant setting it is also relevant to learn which strategy is most cost-effective in minimizing the negative impact of hepatitis C: preventing graft infection by treating patients before transplantation or treating hepatitis C recurrence after LT. Expand
Interferon-Free Regimens for Hepatitis C: Combine and Conquer
This paper reviews the interferon-free regimens currently in phase II or III for which sustained virologic response data are available and discusses the successes and potential pitfalls of these regimens. Expand