Building a Tag Sharing Service with the SCOT Ontology

  title={ Building a Tag Sharing Service with the SCOT Ontology},
  author={Hak Lae Kim and John G. Breslin and Sung-Kwon Yang and Seong-Jae Song and Hong-Gee Kim},
  booktitle={AAAI Spring Symposium: Social Information Processing},
Although a number of people have participated in tagging activity on many Web 2.0 sites and the sites allow users to get their tagging data through Mash-up APIs, there are many issues (e.g. tag semantics) associated with social tagging or folksonomies. Many studies have focused on semantics of a tag that offers a way of exact meaning of an individual tag or among the tags. Surprisingly, there has been minimal research regarding tag sharing or exchange. We suggest a semantic model, is called the… CONTINUE READING