iSPD: an iconic-based modeling simulator for distributed grids

  title={iSPD: an iconic-based modeling simulator for distributed grids},
  author={Aleardo Manacero and Renata Spolon Lobato and Paulo H. M. A. Oliveira and Marco A. B. A. Garcia and Aldo I. Guerra and Victor Aoqui and Denison Menezes and Diogo T. da Silva},
Simulation of large and complex systems, such as computing grids, is a difficult task. Current simulators, despite providing accurate results, are significantly hard to use. They usually demand a strong knowledge of programming, what is not a standard pattern in today’s users of grids and high performance computing. The need for computer expertise prevents these users from simulating how the environment will respond to their applications, what may imply in large loss of efficiency, wasting… CONTINUE READING