iMiner: Mining Inventory Data for Intelligent Management

  title={iMiner: Mining Inventory Data for Intelligent Management},
  author={Lei Li and Chao Shen and Long Wang and Li Zheng and Yexi Jiang and Liang Tang and Hongtai Li and Longhui Zhang and Chunqiu Zeng and Tao Li and Jun Tang and Dong Liu},
Inventory management refers to tracing inventory levels, orders and sales of a retailing business. In the current retailing market, a tremendous amount of data regarding stocked goods (items) in an inventory will be generated everyday. Due to the increasing volume of transaction data and the correlated relations of items, it is often a non-trivial task to efficiently and effectively manage stocked goods. In this demo, we present an intelligent system, called iMiner, to ease the management of… CONTINUE READING