i*-REST: Light-Weight i* Modeling with RESTful Web Services


Environmental changes drive the evolution of organizational software systems. i* allows to model continuous requirements on social and intentional aspects of organizational software systems. However, partially computer-enacted workflows are not well supported by current tools. In this paper, we propose i*-REST, an Open Source collection of RESTful Web services that are designed to manipulate existing i* models on-the-large. More specific, we describe two services in detail. The first one allows the creation, modification and storage of Strategic Dependency models. The second service embeds i* model visualizations in arbitrary Web pages. We have evaluated the services in a case study on learning forums. We introduced a workflow for the refinement of existing archetypical i* models of learning communities without human intervention. Maintenance and evolution of existing i* models will be much easier, in particular when more i*-REST services become available.

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