hsp72, a host determinant of measles virus neurovirulence.

  title={hsp72, a host determinant of measles virus neurovirulence.},
  author={Thomas Carsillo and Zachary. P. Traylor and Changsun Choi and Stefan Niewiesk and Michael J Oglesbee},
  journal={Journal of virology},
  volume={80 22},
Transient hyperthermia such as that experienced during febrile episodes increases expression of the major inducible 70-kDa heat shock protein (hsp72). Despite the relevance of febrile episodes to viral pathogenesis and the multiple in vitro roles of heat shock proteins in viral replication and gene expression, the in vivo significance of virus-heat shock protein interactions is unknown. The present work determined the in vivo relationship between hsp72 levels and neurovirulence of an hsp72… CONTINUE READING


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