hemofiltration reverses left ventricular dysfunction during sepsis in dogs.

  title={hemofiltration reverses left ventricular dysfunction during sepsis in dogs.},
  author={Arturo Gomez and Run Ming Wang and Helmut W Unruh and Richard B. Light and Deepak Bose and Tommy Chau and Elma Correa and Susanne Mink},
  volume={73 4},
Depressed left ventricular (LV) contractility in sepsis has been ascribed to the presence of circulating cardiodepressant substance (filterable cardiodepressant factor in sepsis [FCS]); however, this finding is controversial. The authors hypothesized that if a decrease in LV contractility indeed occurred due to a circulating depressant substance, then removal of this substance by hemofiltration would reverse by dysfunction. In this study, LV mechanics were examined before and after… CONTINUE READING


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