hGK-1: a kallikrein gene expressed in human prostate.

  title={hGK-1: a kallikrein gene expressed in human prostate.},
  author={Brian J. Morris},
  journal={Clinical and experimental pharmacology & physiology},
  volume={16 4},
1. Humans have three kallikrein genes: hGK-1, hRKALL (kinin-generating) and a gene encoding prostate specific antigen (PSA). 2. Using a gene-specific oligonucleotide, expression of hGK-1 was demonstrated in human prostate, but not in 10 other tissues examined. 3. The similarity in tissue specificity of expression of hGK-1 with that of the PSA gene led to an examination of putative regulatory DNA. Marked identity of greater than 90% was seen (compared with 80% for hRKALL), thus supporting a role… CONTINUE READING

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