h-ubu: an industrial-strength service-oriented component framework for JavaScript applications

  title={h-ubu: an industrial-strength service-oriented component framework for JavaScript applications},
  author={Cl{\'e}ment Escoffier and Philippe Lalanda and Nicolas Rempulsky},
  booktitle={ESEC/FSE 2013},
In the last years, we developed web applications requiring a large amount of JavaScript code. These web applications present adaptation requirements. In addition to platform-centric adaptation, applications have to dynamically react to external events like connectivity disruptions. Building such applications is complex and we faced sharp maintainability challenges. This paper presents h-ubu, a service-oriented component framework for JavaScript allowing building adaptive applications. h-ubu is… Expand
KevoreeJS: Enabling Dynamic Software Reconfigurations in the Browser
An approach called KevoreeJS based on models@runtime to control browser as component platform which address some of the main challenges to create a component-based platform supporting the development of dynamically adaptable single web page applications. Expand
Gestion autonomique d'applications dynamiques sûres et résilientes. (Autonomic Management of Reliable and Resilient Dynamic Applications)
L'extensibilite offerte par ces plates-formes peut diminuer la fiabilite globale du systeme: une tendance forte pour developper un produit est l'assemblage de composants provenant de tierces-parties. Expand


iPOJO: an Extensible Service-Oriented Component Framework
iOJO is proposed, a service-oriented component to implement services that does not only manage dynamic service interactions; it also provides an extensibility mechanism. Expand
Autonomous adaptation to dynamic availability using a service-oriented component model
  • H. Cervantes, R. Hall
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings. 26th International Conference on Software Engineering
  • 2004
The goal is to support the construction and execution of component-based applications that are capable of autonomously adapting at run time due to the dynamic availability of the services provided by constituent components. Expand
Service-oriented computing: concepts, characteristics and directions
  • M. Papazoglou
  • Computer Science
  • Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Web Information Systems Engineering, 2003. WISE 2003.
  • 2003
This paper introduces an extended service oriented architecture that provides separate tiers for composing and coordinating services and for managing services in an open marketplace by employing grid services. Expand
Contexts and Dependency Injection
One of the most important features in Java EE is Contexts and Dependency Injection (CDI). CDI helps bind the web tier and the business logic or transactional tier of the Java EE platform together andExpand
Describing Dynamism in Service Dependencies: Industrial Experience and Feedbacks
The iPOJO service component model is used and extended to make it easier for the development team to deal with important environmental and evolutionary dynamism, and how it is managed at runtime is presented. Expand
HotDrink: a library for web user interfaces
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Reuse of off-the-shelf components in C2-style architectures
The exercises were successful in a variety of dimensions; one conclusion is that the C2 style offers significant reuse potential to application developers; at the same time, wider trials and additional tool support are needed. Expand
Relating Requirements to a User Interface Architecture for a Rich Enterprise Web Application
A conceptual UI architecture is presented and, for each aspect of the architecture, the types of requirements that should be gleaned from the various UI requirements documents are examined, to help bridge the gap between user interface design specifications and user interface architectural specifications. Expand
Practical SOA: Service Modeling, Enterprise Service Bus and Governance
  • M. Luo, L. Zhang
  • Computer Science
  • 2008 IEEE International Conference on Web Services
  • 2008
This tutorial will take the audience through an "aggregated" SOA engagement and discuss key processes, activities, and deliverables through the entire life cycle, especially in service modeling,Expand
Describing dynamism in service dependencies
  • presented at the 10th International Conference on Services Computing, 2013.
  • 2013