gkDtree: A group-based parallel update kd-tree for interactive ray tracing

  title={gkDtree: A group-based parallel update kd-tree for interactive ray tracing},
  author={Yoon-Sig Kang and Jae-Ho Nah and Woo-Chan Park and Sung-Bong Yang},
  journal={Journal of Systems Architecture - Embedded Systems Design},
This paper proposes a new group-based acceleration data structure called gkDtree for interactive ray tracing of dynamic scenes. The main idea of the gkDtree is to construct the acceleration structure with a multi-level hierarchy, and to integrate a parallelization approach to result in a faster update and a more efficient tree traversal. A gkDtree can be viewed as a set of kd-trees, each of which is a local acceleration structure corresponding to a group. For a gkDtree, a scene is divided into… CONTINUE READING
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