gamma-Tubulin is present in acentriolar MTOCs during early mouse development.

  title={gamma-Tubulin is present in acentriolar MTOCs during early mouse development.},
  author={Catherine Gueth-Hallonet and Claude Antony and Jacques Aghion and Ang{\'e}lica Santa-Maria and Isabelle Lajoie-Mazenc and Michel Wright and B. Maro},
  journal={Journal of cell science},
  volume={105 ( Pt 1)},
gamma-Tubulin, a recently discovered member of the tubulin superfamily, is a peri-centriolar component considered to be essential for microtubule nucleation. Mouse oocytes and early embryos lack centrioles until the blastocyst stage. Thus, early mouse embryos allowed us to study the location of gamma-tubulin in animal cells in the absence of centrioles. For this, we used an antiserum directed against a specific peptide of the gamma-tubulin sequence, which is conserved among species. This serum… CONTINUE READING


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