ffi ciencies in Eu 3 + activated Tb 2 Mo 3 O 12 †

  title={ffi ciencies in Eu 3 + activated Tb 2 Mo 3 O 12 †},
  author={Florian Baur and F. Glockerb and Thomas J{\"u}stel},
Luminous efficacy (LE) and colour rendering index (CRI) of various simulated phosphor-converted warm white-light emitting diodes are calculated. Actual measured phosphor emission spectra are employed for this task. The efficacy and CRI of Eu activated red emitting phosphors are superior to Eu emitting nitride-based phosphors, however, Eu suffers from low absorption strength in the blue spectral range. Tb exhibits comparatively strong absorption in this range and can be used as a sensitizer for… CONTINUE READING


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