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ffect of a modular extensive green roof on stormwater runoff and water quality ruce

  title={ffect of a modular extensive green roof on stormwater runoff and water quality ruce},
  author={Guillaume Gr{\'e}goire and John C. Clausen},
Runoff quantity and quality from a 248 m2 extensive green roof and a control were compared in Connecticut using a paired watershed study. Weekly and individual rain storm samples of runoff and precipitation were analyzed for TKN, NO3 + NO2–N, NH3–N, TP, PO4–P, and total and dissolved Cu, Pb, Zn, Cd, Cr, and Hg. The green roof watershed retained 51.4% of precipitation during the study period based on area extrapolation. Overall, the green roof retained 34% more precipitation than predicted by… Expand

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