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  author={A ADoefaa and Hans Peter Doetsch and Draweng Table and Hans Peter Doetsch},
OF THE DISCLOSURE A gas Spring for a drawing table which has a cylinder, a piston in the cylinder, and a piston rod projecting from the piston through one end wall of the cylinder, the other end wall being imperforate. Gas under pressure fills the cylinder and may be released from the chamber adjacent the piston rod if the latter is almost fully expelled from the cylinder against a compression spring through a chan nel having orifices in the piston and in the piston rod. Additional gas is… Expand
ScissionLite: Accelerating Distributed Deep Neural Networks Using Transfer Layer
This study develops ScissionLite, a holistic framework for accelerating distributed DNN inference using the Transfer Layer (TL), a traffic-aware layer inserted between the optimal slicing point of a DNN model slice in order to decrease the outbound network traffic without a significant accuracy drop. Expand
A multimesh finite element method for the Navier-Stokes equations based on projection methods
The multimesh finite element method is extended to the Navier-Stokes equations based on the incremental pressure correction scheme, and each step is derived with suitable stabilization terms for a stable variational formulation. Expand
PPAR&agr;/CB1 receptor dual ligands as a novel therapy for alcohol use disorder: Evaluation of a novel oleic acid conjugate in preclinical rat models
The availability of two novel dual ligands for cannabinoid receptors and the hypothesis that these types of drugs might reproduce and even improve the pharmacological profile of those drugs interacting with single targets to treat alcohol use disorder in humans are tested are supported. Expand
Pushing the precision frontier at the LHC with V+jets
This documents the proceedings from a workshop titled `Illuminating Standard candles at the LHC: V+jets' held at Imperial College London on 25th-26th April 2017. It summarises the numerousExpand
Periodic continuum solvation model integrated with first-principles calculations for solid surfaces
Abstract The structural and reactivity properties of the solute in aqueous solution are vital in chemistry and condensed matter physics. In order to understand the detailed adsorption structures andExpand
A check-up for the statistical Parton model
We compare the Parton distributions deduced in the framework of a quantum statistical approach for both the longitudinal and transverse degrees of freedom with the unpolarized distributions measuredExpand
Detecting co-seismic displacements in glaciated regions: An example from the great November 2002 Denali earthquake using SPOT horizontal offsets
We use SPOT image pairs to determine horizontal offsets associated with the Mw 7.9 November 2002 Denali earthquake in the vicinity of Slate Creek, AK. Field measurements and aerial photographs areExpand
Discrete symmetry enhancement in non-Abelian models and the existence of asymptotic freedom
We study the universality between a discrete spin model with icosahedral symmetry and the O(3) model in two dimensions. For this purpose we study numerically the renormalized two-point functions ofExpand
Adherens junctions are involved in polarized contractile ring formation in dividing epithelial cells of Xenopus laevis embryos.
It is shown that accumulation of proteins involved in contractile ring formation and activation is polarized, starting at apical cell-cell contacts at the presumptive division site and spreading within seconds towards the cell basal side, and that adherens junctions are involved in the kinetics of contractiles ring formation. Expand
Anti-alignment driven dynamics in the excited states of molecules under strong fields.
Two novel models of the H2+ molecule and its isotopes are developed, which conclude that the stabilization of these molecules in the excited state through bond-hardening under a strong field is highly unlikely. Expand