f(T) cosmology with nonzero curvature

  title={f(T) cosmology with nonzero curvature},
  author={Andronikos Paliathanasis},
  journal={Modern Physics Letters A},
  • A. Paliathanasis
  • Published 1 July 2021
  • Physics, Mathematics
  • Modern Physics Letters A
We investigate exact and analytic solutions in [Formula: see text] gravity within the context of a Friedmann–Lemaître–Robertson–Walker background space with nonzero spatial curvature. For the power-law theory [Formula: see text] we find that the field equations admit an exact solution with a linear scalar factor for negative and positive spatial curvature. That Milne-like solution is asymptotic behavior for the scale factor near the initial singularity for the model [Formula: see text]. The… 


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