ent-Pimarane derivatives from Dysoxylum hainanense.

  title={ent-Pimarane derivatives from Dysoxylum hainanense.},
  author={Xiao Dan Luo and Si Hyun Wu and Ying Bin Ma and Dimeng Wu},
  volume={57 1},
Four ent-pimarene diterpenoids. ent-18-acetoxy-8(14)-pimarene-15S, 16-diol, ent-18-acetoxy-16-hydroxy-8(14)-pimaren-15-one, ent-16,18-dihydroxy-8(14)-pimaren-15-one and ent-19-nor-4,16,18-trihydroxy-8(14)-pimaren-15-one, together with three known damarane triterpenoids, richenoic acid, eichleriainic acid and shoreic acid were isolated from the bark of Dysoxyhum hainanense Merr. Their structures were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic techniques. The absolute configurations of four… CONTINUE READING