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eROSITA science book: mapping the structure of the energetic universe

  title={eROSITA science book: mapping the structure of the energetic universe},
  author={A. Merloni and P. Predehl and W. Becker and H. Bohringer and T. Boller and H. Brunner and M. Brusa and K. Dennerl and M. Freyberg and P. Friedrich and A. Georgakakis and F. Haberl and G. Hasinger and N. Meidinger and J. Mohr and K. Nandra and A. Rau and T. Reiprich and J. Robrade and M. Salvato and A. Santangelo and M. Sasaki and A. Schwope and J. Wilms and the German eROSITA Consortium},
  journal={arXiv: High Energy Astrophysical Phenomena},
eROSITA is the primary instrument on the Russian SRG mission. In the first four years of scientific operation after its launch, foreseen for 2014, it will perform a deep survey of the entire X-ray sky. In the soft X-ray band (0.5-2 keV), this will be about 20 times more sensitive than the ROSAT all sky survey, while in the hard band (2-10 keV) it will provide the first ever true imaging survey of the sky at those energies. Such a sensitive all-sky survey will revolutionize our view of the high… Expand
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  • 2010
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