eGFRD in all dimensions


Biochemical reactions typically occur at low copy numbers, but at once in crowded and diverse environments. Space and stochasticity therefore play an essential role in biochemical networks. Spatial-stochastic simulations have become a prominent tool for understanding how stochasticity at the microscopic level influences the macroscopic behavior of such… (More)


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@inproceedings{Sokolowski2017eGFRDIA, title={eGFRD in all dimensions}, author={Thomas R. Sokolowski and Joris Paijmans and Laurens Bossen and Martijn Wehrens and Thomas Miedema and Nils B. Becker and Kazunari Kaizu and Koichi Takahashi and Marlieen Dogterom and Pieter Rein ten Wolde}, year={2017} }