diXa: a data infrastructure for chemical safety assessment

  title={diXa: a data infrastructure for chemical safety assessment},
  author={Diana M. Hendrickx and Hugo Jwl Aerts and Florian Caiment and Dominic Clark and Timothy M. D. Ebbels and Chris T. A. Evelo and Hans Gmuender and Dennie G. A. J. Hebels and Ralf Herwig and J{\"u}rgen Hescheler and Danyel Jennen and Marlon J. A. Jetten and Stathis Kanterakis and Hector C. Keun and Vera Matser and John P. Overington and Ekaterina Pilicheva and Ugis Sarkans and Marcelo P. Segura-Lepe and Isaia Sotiriadou and Timo Wittenberger and Clemens Wittwehr and Antonella Zanzi and Jos Kleinjans},
MOTIVATION The field of toxicogenomics (the application of '-omics' technologies to risk assessment of compound toxicities) has expanded in the last decade, partly driven by new legislation, aimed at reducing animal testing in chemical risk assessment but mainly as a result of a paradigm change in toxicology towards the use and integration of genome wide data. Many research groups worldwide have generated large amounts of such toxicogenomics data. However, there is no centralized repository for… CONTINUE READING
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