de Sitter vacua from uplifting D-terms in effective supergravities from realistic strings

  title={de Sitter vacua from uplifting D-terms in effective supergravities from realistic strings},
  author={A. Ach{\'u}carro and Beatriz de Carlos and J. A. Casas and Luisa Doplicher},
  journal={Journal of High Energy Physics},
We study the possibility of using the D-term associated to an anomalous U(1) for the uplifting of AdS vacua (to dS or Minkowski vacua) in effective supergravities arising from string theories, particularly in the type IIB context put forward by Kachru, Kallosh, Linde and Trivedi (KKLT). We find a gauge invariant formulation of such a scenario (avoiding previous inconsistencies), where the anomalous D-term cannot be cancelled, thus triggering the uplifting of the vacua. Then, we examine the… 

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