de Sitter Relativity and Quantum Physics

  title={de Sitter Relativity and Quantum Physics},
  author={R. Aldrovandi and J. Almeida and C. Mayor and J. Pereira},
  • R. Aldrovandi, J. Almeida, +1 author J. Pereira
  • Published 2007
  • Physics
  • In the presence of a cosmological constant, interpreted as a purely geometric entity, absence of matter is represented by a de Sitter spacetime. As a consequence, ordinary Poincare special relativity is no longer valid and must be replaced by a de Sitter special relativity. By considering the kinematics of a spinless particle in a de Sitter spacetime, we study the geodesics of this spacetime, the ensuing definitions of canonical momenta, and explore possible implications for quantum mechanics. 
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