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dbar-approach to the dispersionless KP hierarchy

  title={dbar-approach to the dispersionless KP hierarchy},
  author={B. G. Konopelchenko and Luis Mart{\'i}nez Alonso and Orlando Ragnisco},
  journal={arXiv: Exactly Solvable and Integrable Systems},
The dispersionless limit of the scalar nonlocal dbar-problem is derived. It is given by a special class of nonlinear first-order equations. A quasi-classical version of the dbar-dressing method is presented. It is shown that the algebraic formulation of dispersionless hierarchies can be expressed in terms of properties of Beltrami tupe equations. The universal Whitham hierarchy and, in particular, the dispersionless KP hierarchy turn out to be rings of symmetries for the quasi-classical dbar… 



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