dBBlue: low diameter and self-routing bluetooth scatternet

  title={dBBlue: low diameter and self-routing bluetooth scatternet},
  author={Wen-Zhan Song and Xiang-Yang Li and Yu Wang and Weizhao Wang},
  journal={J. Parallel Distrib. Comput.},
This paper addresses the problem of scatternet formation for single-hop Bluetooth based ad hoc networks, with minimal communication overhead. We adopt the well-known structure de Bruijn graph to form the backbone of Bluetooth scatternet, hereafter called dBBlue, such that every master node has at most seven slaves, every slave node is in at most two piconets, and no node assumes both master and slave roles. Our structure dBBlue also enjoys a nice routing property: the diameter of the graph is O… CONTINUE READING
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