d0 ferromagnetic interface between nonmagnetic perovskites.

  title={d0 ferromagnetic interface between nonmagnetic perovskites.},
  author={Riku Oja and Marina Tyunina and Lide Yao and Tatu Pinomaa and Tomas Kocourek and Alexandr Dejneka and Oleksandr Stupakov and Miroslav Jel{\'i}nek and Vladimir A. Trepakov and Sebastiaan van Dijken and Risto Nieminen},
  journal={Physical review letters},
  volume={109 12},
We use computational and experimental methods to study d(0) ferromagnetism at a charge-imbalanced interface between two perovskites. In SrTiO(3)/KTaO(3) superlattice calculations, the charge imbalance introduces holes in the SrTiO(3) layer, inducing a d(0) ferromagnetic half-metallic 2D hole gas at the interface oxygen 2p orbitals. The charge imbalance overrides doping by vacancies at realistic concentrations. Varying the constituent materials shows ferromagnetism to be a general property of… 

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  • Jiu-hua LuoBo Li G. Guo
  • Materials Science, Physics
    Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials
  • 2019



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