d-Serine is reabsorbed in rat renal pars recta.

  title={d-Serine is reabsorbed in rat renal pars recta.},
  author={Stefan Silbernagl and Katharina Voelker and William H. Dantzler},
  journal={American journal of physiology. Renal physiology},
  volume={276 6},
d-Serine normally contributes up to 3% to total plasma serine and up to 23% in chronic renal failure. d-Serine is metabolized by tubular d-amino acid oxidase (D-AAO), and highd-serine plasma levels are nephrotoxic; both events are localized in the straight part of the proximal tubule. We therefore investigated if and howd-serine is reabsorbed there. We microinfused14C-labeledd- or -l-serine + [3H]inulin into early proximal (EP), late proximal (LP), or early distal (ED) tubule sections of… CONTINUE READING
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