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csa2sls: A complete subset approach for many instruments using Stata

  title={csa2sls: A complete subset approach for many instruments using Stata},
  author={Seojeong Lee and Siha Lee and Julius Owusu and Youngki Shin},
. We develop a Stata command csa2sls that implements the complete subset averaging two-stage least squares (CSA2SLS) estimator in Lee and Shin [2021]. The CSA2SLS estimator is an alternative to the two-stage least squares estimator that remedies the bias issue caused by many correlated instruments. We conduct Monte Carlo simulations and confirm that the CSA2SLS estimator reduces both the mean squared error and the estimation bias substantially when instruments are correlated. We illustrate the… 

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The livestock sector in Ethiopia is characterized by low productivity due to inadequate supply of affordable high-quality animal feed year-round, with more acute gaps in the drought-prone regions of

Seojeong Lee is an associate professor of Economics at Seoul National University