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concentrations of carbon monoxide Effects on health of prolonged exposure to low

  title={concentrations of carbon monoxide Effects on health of prolonged exposure to low},
  author={C L Townsend and Robert Lewis Maynard},
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Effect of dust filtration control on CO2 and NH 3 concentrations in a swine farrowing room
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33 – Carbon Monoxide1
Publisher Summary This chapter focuses on the effects of exposure to ambient concentrations of carbon monoxide. Severe poisoning by carbon monoxide often results in lasting damage to the centralExpand
Chronic carbon monoxide exposure: a clinical syndrome detected by neuropsychological tests.
The evaluation and treatment protocols presented, though still experimental, show promise for improving functional, cognitive, and psychiatric capacities. Expand
Short-term effects of carbon monoxide exposure on the exercise performance of subjects with coronary artery disease.
It is concluded that low levels of carboxyhemoglobin exacerbate myocardial ischemia during graded exercise in subjects with coronary artery disease. Expand
The Effects of Carbon Monoxide on Dual-Task Performance
An assessment of the effects of low-level CO on human performance should include an analysis of the demand characteristics of the tasks as well as data on concentration and exposure duration. Expand
Mechanism of oxidative stress from low levels of carbon monoxide.
It is concluded that concentrations of CO achieved in vivo when humans are exposed to CO concentrations found in the environment can cause endothelial cells to liberate NO and NO-derived oxidants, and that these products can adversely affect cell physiology. Expand
Neuropsychological impairment from acute low-level exposure to carbon monoxide.
The lower scores on neuropsychological tests indicate dysfunctions in memory, new learning ability, attention and concentration, tracking skills, visuomotor skills, abstract thinking, and visuospatial planing and processing correspond with previous reports of carbon monoxide neurotoxic effects in patients with moderate carbon Monoxide poisoning. Expand
The effect of ambient carbon monoxide on low birth weight among children born in southern California between 1989 and 1993.
Exposure to higher levels of ambient CO during the last trimester of pregnancy was associated with a significantly increased risk for low birth weight after adjustment for potential confounders, including commuting habits in the monitoring area, sex of the child, level of prenatal care, and age, ethnicity, and education of the mother. Expand
Delayed neuropsychologic sequelae after carbon monoxide poisoning: prevention by treatment with hyperbaric oxygen.
DNS after CO poisoning cannot be predicted on the basis of a patient's clinical history or CO level, and HBO treatment decreased the incidence of DNS. Expand
Memory disturbances following chronic, low-level carbon monoxide exposure.
  • C. Ryan
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Archives of clinical neuropsychology : the official journal of the National Academy of Neuropsychologists
  • 1990
Deficits were limited to concentration and memory; performance on measures of general intelligence, visuospatial functioning, and speed and dexterity were well within the normal range. Expand
Carboxyhemoglobin levels in patients with flu-like symptoms.
Doctors must seek out the possibility of CO toxicity in patients with flu-like illness, particularly in inner-city populations during the heating months, and fundoscopy and COHb levels may be useful in selected cases to correctly diagnose patients and avoid a return to a hazardous environment with potentially fatal consequences. Expand