combinFormation: Exploring Multiple Searches Together through the Mixed-Initiative Composition Space


combinFormation enables people to search, browse, collect, and compose information on the Web, supporting information exploration and discovery. Through mixedinitiatives, a visual representation of news feeds, searches, and document crawls is assembled. A generative agent collects information, forms visual surrogates and continuously develops a composition that represents them as a connected collection. The composition space enables direct manipulation of the results that the agent is generating. We present a usage scenario, in which a participant engages in mixed-initiative composition in order to explore topics in the day’s news that she is particularly interested in. A composition develops iteratively, over time, using information from news feeds, and popular web searches and sites. The participant manipulates the information sources, and the visual design of the composition. In addition to the scenario, the mixed-initiative composition methodology is validated with data from a field study. Author

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