cohomology of quantized symplectic orbifolds and the Chen-Ruan cohomology

  title={cohomology of quantized symplectic orbifolds and the Chen-Ruan cohomology},
  author={Vasiliy A. Dolgushev and Pavel Etingof},
We prove the additive version of the conjecture proposed by Ginzburg and Kaledin in [23]. This conjecture states that if X/G is an orbifold modeled on a quotient of a smooth affine symplectic variety X (over C) by a finite group G ⊂ Aut(X) and A is a G-stable quantum algebra of functions on X then the graded vector space HH•(AG) of the Hochschild cohomology of the algebra A of invariants is isomorphic to the graded vector space H• CR(X/G)((~)) of the Chen-Ruan (stringy) cohomology of the… CONTINUE READING

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