clicSAND for OSeMOSYS: a user-friendly interface using open-source optimisation software for energy system modelling analysis

  title={clicSAND for OSeMOSYS: a user-friendly interface using open-source optimisation software for energy system modelling analysis},
  author={Carla Cannone and Lucy Allington and Nicki de Wet and Abhishek Shivakumar and Philip Goynes and C{\'e}sar Valderrama and Vedran Kapor and Jarrad Wright and Rudolf Yeganyan and Naomi Tan and Long Seng To and John Harrison and Mark Howells},
Energy models are crucial for helping governments and policymakers plan long-term investments in the energy transition context. One of the most established open-source optimisation models is OSeMOSYS—the Open-Source Energy Modelling System. This paper presents a new interface—clicSAND—for OSeMOSYS, which shortens the learning curve and supports beginner energy modellers to perform long-term investment analyses efficiently. The freely available and open-source clicSAND software consists of a… 

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