cDNA cloning of a neural visinin-like Ca(2+)-binding protein.

  title={cDNA cloning of a neural visinin-like Ca(2+)-binding protein.},
  author={T AKAFUMI Kuno and Yoshitaka Kajimoto and Tadafumi Hashimoto and Hideyuki Mukai and Yasuhito Shirai and Sh{\^u}ichi Saheki and Chie Tanaka},
  journal={Biochemical and biophysical research communications},
  volume={184 3},
A 21,000-dalton Ca(2+)-binding protein (Walsh, M.P., Valentine, K.A., Ngai, P.K., Carruthers, C.A., and Hollengerg, M.D. (1984) Biochem. J. 224, 117-127) was purified from the rat brain and through the use of oligonucleotide probe based on partial amino acid sequence, cDNA clones were obtained from rat brain cDNA library. The complete amino acid sequence deduced from the cDNA contains 191 residues and has a calculated molecular mass of 22,142 daltons. There are three potential Ca(2+)-binding… CONTINUE READING
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