cDNA cloning and induction of the alcohol dehydrogenase gene (Adh1) of maize.

  title={cDNA cloning and induction of the alcohol dehydrogenase gene (Adh1) of maize.},
  author={W. L. Gerlach and Anthony J. Pryor and Elizabeth S Dennis and Robert Ferl and Martin M. Sachs and W James Peacock},
  journal={Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America},
  volume={79 9},
cDNA clones of Adh1, one of two genes encoding alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH; alcohol:NAD(+) oxidoreductase, EC in the maize genome, have been isolated. They were derived from mRNA extracted from anaerobically treated roots of maize seedlings. Identification was initially made on the basis of molecular weight and electrophoretic properties of the in vitro polypeptide obtained in hybridization-release-translation experiments. The identification was confirmed by antibody precipitation and… CONTINUE READING
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