cDNA Microarray: Gene Expression Profiling of Small Cell Populations

  title={cDNA Microarray: Gene Expression Profiling of Small Cell Populations},
  author={Martina Peterkov{\'a} and Irena Koutna and Lenka Tesarov{\'a} and Michaela Potě{\vs}ilov{\'a} and Zdeněk Ru{\vc}ka and Viera Hrab{\vc}{\'a}kov{\'a} and Martin Klabusay},
cDNA microarray technology is widely used in various biological and medical disciplines to determine gene expression profiles. Unfortunately, this technology requires a large quantity of input RNA. Since there is an increasing need to analyze more precisely defined cell sub-populations with low cell counts, working protocols using a minimal number of input cells are needed. Optimal RNA isolation and its accurate amplification are crucial to the success of these protocols. The goal was to find… CONTINUE READING


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