cAMP-PKA signaling to the mitochondria: protein scaffolds, mRNA and phosphatases.

  title={cAMP-PKA signaling to the mitochondria: protein scaffolds, mRNA and phosphatases.},
  author={Antonio Feliciello and Max E. Gottesman and Enrico Vittorio Avvedimento},
  journal={Cellular signalling},
  volume={17 3},
Energy metabolism and, specifically, the coupling of mitochondria to growth and survival is controlled by the cAMP-PKA pathway in yeast. In higher eukaryotes, cAMP signaling originating at the plasma membrane is distributed to different subcellular districts by cAMP waves received by PKA bound to PKA anchor proteins (AKAPs) tethered to these compartments. This review focuses on the subgroup of AKAPs that anchor PKA to the mitochondrial outer membrane (mtAKAPs). Only PKA anchored to mtAKAPs can… CONTINUE READING


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Mitochondrial cAMP signaling

Cellular and Molecular Life Sciences • 2016

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