c-myc protein expression in untransformed fibroblasts.

  title={c-myc protein expression in untransformed fibroblasts.},
  author={Christopher M. Waters and Trevor D. Littlewood and David C. Hancock and John P. Moore and Gerard I. Evan},
  volume={6 5},
We have examined and quantitated the expression of c-myc protein in two untransformed fibroblast cell lines, murine Swiss 3T3 and human MRC-5, c-myc protein is not detectable in quiescent cells, but it is rapidly induced upon mitogenic stimulation. Peak expression is seen about 3-5 h after serum stimulation, and corresponds to about 3-6000 molecules per cell (mpc). Thereafter, levels fall back to a quiescent level in confluent fibroblasts, but remain elevated at 1-3000 mpc in subconfluent cells… CONTINUE READING

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