c-myc oncogene expression inhibits the initiation of myogenic differentiation.

  title={c-myc oncogene expression inhibits the initiation of myogenic differentiation.},
  author={Nicole Denis and St{\'e}phane Blanc and Marie Pierre Leibovitch and N Nicolaiew and F. Dautry and Michel Raymondjean and Jaques Kruh and Alain Kitzis},
  journal={Experimental cell research},
  volume={172 1},
The role of c-myc oncogene expression in myogenic differentiation has been established by transfecting rat myoblasts of the L6 cell line with plasmid pMT-myc, in which the c-myc coding sequences were under the control of the metallothionein I promoter. We observed that the constitutive expression of the exogenous c-myc gene inhibits muscular differentiation. A diminution of the endogenous c-myc gene expression occurs within the first 24 h after the transfer of the cells to a differentiating… CONTINUE READING

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