c-jun and c-fos are expressed by human megakaryocytes.

  title={c-jun and c-fos are expressed by human megakaryocytes.},
  author={M A Mouthon and S{\'e}bastien Navarro and Alex Katz and Janine Breton-Gorius and William Vainchenker},
  journal={Experimental hematology},
  volume={20 7},
Expression of the main nuclear protooncogenes during terminal megakaryocyte (MK) differentiation is poorly understood. Because previous results have suggested that c-fos and c-jun protooncogenes are expressed in human leukemic cell lines induced to undergo megakaryocytic differentiation, we have analyzed the expression of these two protooncogenes in normal MK. Studies were performed, by in situ hybridization and immunofluorescence, on human MK obtained either directly from bone marrow or from… CONTINUE READING