c-Myc promoter activation in medulloblastoma.

  title={c-Myc promoter activation in medulloblastoma.},
  author={I M Siu and Anita Lal and Jill R Blankenship and Naji Aldosari and Gregory Joseph Riggins},
  journal={Cancer research},
  volume={63 16},
%The c-myc oncogene is commonly activated in medulloblastoma. Genomic amplification is a well-documented cause of c-myc activation but does not account for all cases of c-myc activation. In this study, we sought other means by which c-myc is overexpressed in medulloblastoma. Twelve medulloblastoma or PNET cell lines were screened for c-myc genomic amplification, mRNA levels, and protein levels. Two medulloblastoma lines, D283 Med and D721 Med, were identified that expressed c-myc mRNA and… CONTINUE READING


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