c-Fos induces apoptosis in germinal center B cells.

  title={c-Fos induces apoptosis in germinal center B cells.},
  author={Ken ichi Inada and Seiji Okada and Janyaporn Phuchareon and Manabu Hatano and Takeki Sugimoto and Hideshige Moriya and Takeshi Tokuhisa},
  journal={Journal of immunology},
  volume={161 8},
We examined the role of c-Fos in the differentiation of mature B cells into IgG-producing cells using transgenic mice carrying the c-fos gene under the control of the IFN-alpha/beta-inducible Mx promoter (Mx-c-fos) or the constitutive H-2Kb promoter (H2-c-fos). Splenic B cells from Mx-c-fos mice were cultured with LPS and rIL-4, and IgG1+ B cells were developed in the culture after day 3. When IFN-alpha/beta was added to the culture from day 2, development of IgG1+ B cells was perturbed, and… CONTINUE READING


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