bimodal acrylate PSAs.

  title={bimodal acrylate PSAs.},
  author={Marc Husemann and Stephan Dr. Z{\"o}llner},
Process for preparing a polyacrylate distribution at least bimodal molecular weight, wherein a monomer mixture comprising a1) 70 polymerizes - 100% by weight, relative to the polymer, of acrylic acid and / or acrylic acid ester of the formula CH2 = C (R ') (COOR 2), where R' = H or CH3 and R2 is an alkyl chain of 1 to 20 carbon atoms, a2) 0-30% by weight, relative to the polymer, of monomers olefinically unsaturated functional groups, by radical polymerization, at least biphasic presence of an… CONTINUE READING