beta-NAD is a novel nucleotide released on stimulation of nerve terminals in human urinary bladder detrusor muscle.

  title={beta-NAD is a novel nucleotide released on stimulation of nerve terminals in human urinary bladder detrusor muscle.},
  author={L. T. Breen and L. M. Smyth and I. Yamboliev and V. Mutafova-Yambolieva},
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  • L. T. Breen, L. M. Smyth, +1 author V. Mutafova-Yambolieva
  • Published 2006
  • Medicine, Chemistry
  • American journal of physiology. Renal physiology
  • Endogenous nucleotides with extracellular functions may be involved in the complex neural control of human urinary bladder (HUB). Using HPLC techniques with fluorescence detection, we observed that in addition to ATP and its metabolites ADP, AMP and adenosine, electrical field stimulation (EFS; 4-16 Hz, 0.1 ms, 15 V, 60 s) of HUB detrusor smooth muscle coreleases novel nucleotide factors, which produce etheno-1N(6)-ADP-ribose (eADPR) on etheno-derivatization at high temperature. A detailed HPLC… CONTINUE READING
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